The Lady Errant (A Variant)

Yesterday truly was a dismal day in the Oklahoma news cycle. While it hasn’t been unusual since I left almost five years ago to see headlines that cause me to cringe and rage before trying to tell my friends and colleagues here that what we see on the news isn’t an accurate representation of the […]

Requested: Christmas Miracle

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about fear. Not the irrational fears that stem from any one of many neuroses, but the debilitating fears that seem to creep into your very bones and take control of every thought and every action you once believed you had the choice to make. When I was a little […]

The Sword of Gryffindor

When I graduated from high school, my best friend’s mom gave me a book by Marilyn vos Savant called Growing Up: A Classic American Childhood as a graduation present. It was filled with ‘what kids should know before they leave home.’ I didn’t read it. Ha! I flipped through it and thought it was cute […]

William Wallace’s Tattoo

Have you ever heard someone ask, “What did they teach you at that liberal _______ of yours?” I have. It wasn’t always verbally communicated, but I still heard the question. Numerous times. Most of the time my answer was a placating laugh or an eye-roll followed by a quip and a swift exit from whatever situation I […]